Safe Customer Waitlist & Queue Management

Visitors sign themselves in and you manage the list
Safe Waitlist eliminates the need for a traditional line, maximizing safety for everyone!

Safe Waitlist bridges the gap between social distancing protocols and effective line management/customer service. Upon their arrival to your location, your visitors can use Safe Waitlist to sign themselves in and wait their turn from the comfort and safety of their vehicles (or from anywhere). Your visitors can see their place in line and receive important notifications from you, including when it’s their turn to be seen/served. Nothing to download and no app to install. Safe Waitlist is an entirely web-based line management tool. Simply provide your visitors with a link or QR code when you schedule appointments or post it on your door.

Happy Visitors

Visitors can see where they stand on the list, reducing anxiety and impatience

Be Safe

Easily maintain social distancing protocols that keep both your visitors and employees safe. Visitors can wait anywhere and be instantly notified when you are ready for them

Self Check-In

Visitors simply scan a code or visit a web address to sign in for their appointment

Text Notifications

Visitors receive a text notification when their turn is up

Multiple Lists

Run multiple lines or locations at the same time

Analytics and marketing

Run reports and keep in touch with your visitors

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